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We're proud to present the 5th Annual Herbal Entrepreneur Conference with the support of our valued partners.

The Herbal Circle

The Herbal Circle is geared towards connecting people from around the world who are passionate about herbs. You'll be joining a network of likeminded people so that we can discuss ideas, support each other and keep morale high as we push forward to build our herbal businesses.

Join our community of herbalists who are passionate about building and growing a sustainable herbal business now.

Oshala Farm

Oshala Farm is CULTIVATING CONSCIOUSNESS on a certified organic farm that uses organic, regenerative and sustainable practices. We offer over 80 varieties of medicinal herbs for the discerning herbalist who wants to buy farm direct and have a connection with who and how their herbs are grown.

We consider it an honor to grow quality herbs, grown in harmony with the land for the herbal community. 

Your support allows us to be stewards of the land, farming with generations to come in mind

Kerrii Herbal Dispensary Software

Kerrii herbal dispensary software is the brainchild of Bernadette, an herbalist,  and Keith, an industrial engineer with over 20 years of manufacturing experience.

It was born out of necessity when Bernadette was bogged down with so much paperwork she was having difficulty running her practice. As they developed the software, they realized that herbalists needed more than just a tool to help them run their dispensaries, they needed an herbal business partner.

Bernadette and Keith have made it their mission to ensure Kerrii is that partner by providing herbalists with the tools and support that they need to thrive so that they can serve their communities for decades to come.

Mountain Rose Herbs

Purveyor of organically grown and ethically sourced botanical herbs, spices, and essential oils for DIY and culinary enthusiasts.

Mountain Rose Herbs offers high-quality organically grown herbs, spices, teas, essential oils, and botanical goods. Since 1987, they have been known for their uncompromising commitment to organic agriculture, fair trade standards, and sustainable business practices. The company’s core belief that people, plants, and planet are more important than profit guides everything they do. 

United Plant Savers

United Plant Savers’ mission is to protect native medicinal plants, fungi, and their habitats while ensuring renewable populations for use by generations to come.

Medicinal species are readily available and are harvested and cultivated with practices that protect native plants, fungi, and their habitats and that embody the principles of reciprocity, right livelihood, and biocultural diversity.

The work of United Plant Savers involves research, education, and conservation of native medicinal plants and their habitats. We hope that you will join us in this worthwhile and important mission.

Herbal Academy

The mission of the Herbal Academy is to teach the art and science of plant medicine honoring our intrinsic connection to nature.

We celebrate the community-centered spirit of herbalism by collaborating with a wide diversity of herbalists to create an herbal school that presents many herbal traditions and points of view!

Formula Botanica

We are the leading online teaching institution for organic formulation and indie beauty entrepreneurship and we are on a mission to teach the world to formulate.

We empower our students with the skills to change their lives through organic skincare and haircare. 

Formulating organic cosmetics with plants, flowers and herbs is an amazing, empowering skill that anyone can learn. Let us teach you how to become a formulator.

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We are proud to present the 5th annual Herbal Entrepreneur Conference with the support of our valued partners.