Some may call all us CRAZY... but we are in party mode! 

To celebrate the 5th Birthday of the Herbal Circle, we're bringing back FOUNDER member pricing to SAVE up to 46% when you join the Herbal Circle.

(The best part? Your discount is locked in for as long as you want it to be!)

Calling all herbalists who are ready to grow their herbal business...

Build and Grow A Wildly Successful Herbal Business

All the resources, community, mentorship, accountability, and business expertise you need to achieve your dream!

The price of this membership has consistently been $39/month for over 3 years and we have NEVER discounted the membership... until NOW.

Better accountability.

Do you want to grow a profitable herbal business but are worried that it may not be viable?

Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed by the path going forwards and aren’t sure what you need to do, or how, to make your business a successful one.

Wouldn’t it feel amazing to not have to waste time figuring out how to make your business happen…

If you had all the knowledge and support you needed right at your fingertips so you could build your business with complete confidence.

I'd like to invite to you to a place where we herbalists band together from all over the earth to learn, grow and empower each other on our herbal journeys because we know we can get further together. 

We all naturally have different experiences and offerings. But each of us as alone doesn't compared to our combined strength if we bind together. 

If we truly want to make a profound impact on the world around us, we need to stick together.

We can get where we want to go a lot faster if we ask people who have already been there before. 

  • Get inspired when we see the gorgeous labels that someone else has created
  • Connect with someone in the same country or state to help wade through setup logistics
  • Give support to others when they are struggling or need ideas
  • Work together on projects to create something that wouldn't be possible alone
  • Share ideas and brainstorm solutions when we come up against roadblocks
  • Form a close knit group that supports each other through every situation

The Herbal Circle is a small group of herbalists who help each other to create a world we are proud of. 

"I have to honestly say that I don’t think I would have started an online presence for my business if it wasn’t for the Herbal Circle. It really is a way to get out of the comfort zone and push yourself forward. I was in a very comfortable place with my products and craft fair sales before this, making some money seasonally and that’s it.  

The information and inspiration from the Tea Rooms and special workshops are priceless. And the Friday posts - I literally take notes on what people are doing and figure out how to use that inspiration and apply it. It is such a great community, I have made some new friends and learned so much!

Yemaya Kimmel

Yemaya's Apothecary

Herbal Circle Member since July 2019

Are you ready to take your herbal business further than you ever thought possible?

Get support and accountability to build the thriving herbal business that you dream of.

  • Join a small group of herbalists who are committed to growing their herbal business in a sustainable way. 
  • Get personalized support and feedback from the group to help you through any roadblocks or difficult decisions. 
  • Receive access to a library of resources to help you to learn the skills that you need to grow a successful business. 

NOW is the time. We can get further TOGETHER!

"I wasted so much time questioning if I could really make my business a reality. In the the Herbal Circle, I've been given the support, knowledge and skills I need to make things happen.

Yolanda is an incredibly effective and caring moderator and the members are all supportive and positive. It feels great to find a group that feels like home and actually helps me get things accomplished. I'm so blown away by your support. You are such an amazing inspiration and I couldn't do this without you. Thank you so so so much."

Melissa Casey

Naani Botanicals
Herbal Circle Member since July 2019

When you join the Herbal Circle, you'll get:

LIVE Tea Room Discussion Calls 

2 monthly LIVE discussion calls inside the "Tea Room" with other herbal business owners

Talk face-to-face (virtually) with other herbalists on LIVE video chats twice a month to work through any roadblocks and brainstorm creative solutions together on the call.

Supportive Community When You Need

24/7 access to the community to ask questions and support others on your herbal journey

We're here for you whenever you need it! Just pop into the group and ask what's on your mind or be inspired by what others are sharing. 

Comprehensive Content Library

Immediate access to the members area with specific trainings to grow your herbal business

You'll find all of the Herbal Entrepreneur trainings inside our member's area, which is an ever growing library of content for herbal business owners. 

Exclusive Guest Expert Sessions

Members-only trainings and guest experts sessions to further develop your skills

Sometimes we just need help directly from those who have been there before us, which is where guest expert sessions come in. Tune into sessions by herbalists experienced in their fields to learn from them. 

Accountability and Support

Personalized accountability and support to help you set goals and stay on track

Since it's such a small group, you get personalized attention and follow ups to make sure that you stay on track to reach your current goals as an herbalist. 

No matter where you're at, the Herbal Circle can help.

"I know I am not alone in my struggles by listening to others in your group, so I much appreciate it!!"

Christy Boyd Strohkirch

"This group is exactly what I've been looking for and I am eternally grateful to you for creating it."

Nicole McDaniel-Richards

"It has helped me to stay consistent, accountable, and push through many doubts, fears, and insecurities. It's much more than I ever expected."

Angela Pietraszewski

We keep you accountable to your goals as an herbal business owner. 

We have weekly check in posts in our private group where we summarize our:

  1. Recent wins
  2. What we commit to work on next
  3. Things we need help with

And over time, it really adds up. 

You can look back to three months ago and realise, 

“Wow, I've worked hard on this particular project and now it's DONE!” 

When you post consistently week after week you keep yourself accountable, That’s where the action happens.

You make progress. You gain momentum.

You’re part of the process as your business evolves to become the success you dreamed it could be. 

Having that continuous reflection process is so important to keep on moving in the right direction.

Over time, you will stack up one little win after another to build something amazing. 

"It's just so wonderful to have other people that you can talk to. To be able to sit down with a group of herbalists who get the struggles that you're experiencing... That's that's pretty awesome!"

Bernadette Ann

Love, Light and Healing - Reiki & Herbal Treatments
Herbal Circle Member since January 2020

Meet Yolanda Joy

Founder of the Herbal Circle

When it comes to growing a profitable herbal business, building a thriving, engaged community, or hosting successful virtual summits (think zero to 16,000 attendees at her first 2 events), former pharmacist Yolanda Smith has the winning prescription.

Disliking the incentivized sales, commercialism, and linear guidelines of her pharmaceutical training, Yolanda walked away from western medicine to build a holistic online business.

Applying her scientific diligence to the art of audience building, joint venture partnerships, and community, Yolanda soon attracted 50,000 organic visits to her website per month, plus 26,000 attendees to the first online summit she co-managed.

Through the Herbal Entrepreneur Conference, her signature summit, and the Herbal Circle membership group, Yolanda teaches entrepreneurs how to make their holistic business bloom through affiliate programs, sponsors, and a vibrant community.

Australian-born, but now living in Italy, the mother-of-two holds nothing back as she shares with refreshing candor and insight, six-figure summit secrets to building a profitable, engaged and loyal herbal community.

Join our community of herbalists who are passionate about building and growing a sustainable herbal business now. 

The Herbal Circle is geared towards connecting people from around the world who are passionate about herbsYou'll be joining a network of likeminded people so that we can discuss ideas, support each other and keep morale high as we push forward to build our herbal businesses.