Build and grow an herbal business to profit from your passion for plants.

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You will discover:

Insider tips to set up your business as an herbalist.

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Different business structures to profit from your herbal passion.

The legal requirements to set up your herbal business.

How to attract the right clients with your branding and marketing.

Tips to create authentic and visually appealing labels for your herbal products.

PLUS inspiring case studies to show you how others have succeeding in creating a profitable herbal medicine business! 

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Hi! I'm Yolanda Joy, the Founder of Herbal Entrepreneur!

When it comes to growing a profitable herbal business, building a thriving, engaged community, or hosting successful virtual summits (think zero to 16,000 attendees at her first 2 events), former pharmacist Yolanda Smith has the winning prescription.

Disliking the incentivized sales, commercialism, and linear guidelines of her pharmaceutical training, Yolanda walked away from western medicine to build a holistic online business.

Applying her scientific diligence to the art of audience building, joint venture partnerships, and community, Yolanda soon attracted 50,000 organic visits to her website per month, plus 26,000 attendees to the first online summit she co-managed.

Through the Herbal Entrepreneur Conference, her signature summit, and the Herbal Circle membership group, Yolanda teaches entrepreneurs how to make their holistic business bloom through affiliate programs, sponsors, and a vibrant community.

Australian-born, but now living in Italy, the mother-of-two holds nothing back as she shares with refreshing candor and insight, six-figure summit secrets to building a profitable, engaged and loyal herbal community.

Want To Grow Your Own Herbal Business And Make A Living Doing What You Love? 

Then join our community of herbal entrepreneurs to get access to a free library of resources to help you turn your dream into a reality.