Are you an herbalist ready to build a WILDLY successful herbal business? This is for YOU. 

The Herbal Circle is turning 5 (has it really been that long already?) and we're having a FREE virtual party to celebrate! 
We will unite herbalists from across the globe to boost each other up as we bring our passion for plants into the world with a successful herbal business.

FREE ONLINE EVENT | July 21-27 2023

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We are thrilled to celebrate the birthday of the Herbal Circle with the support of our valued partners.

You will discover:

Insider tips to set up your business as an herbalist.

How to work with clients to get the best health outcomes.

Different business structures to profit from your herbal passion.

The legal requirements to set up your herbal business.

Tips to attract the right clients with your branding and marketing.

PLUS inspiring success stories from real herbalists doing this today!!!


"I love the theme from almost everyone: Collaboration not Competition! So happy to be part of such a loving community where we can share our knowledge, love, and respect for plants!"

Jennifer DiStefano Herbal Entrepreneur Community

It's the 5th Birthday of the Herbal Circle!!!

And YOU are invited to join us for our FREE Birthday Party Extravaganza this July 21-27.

Don't miss the one-of-a-kind of celebration for herbalists who are set on turning their craft into a sustainable business that they love!

We're going to celebrate in STYLE!

Master Your Mindset: Empowering Success For Herbal Business Owners

When you activate a growth mindset, you will have the power to unlock your potential as an herbalist and entrepreneur. Learn how to step up with confidence and overcome what is holding you back from making your dream happen. 

Draw Inspiration From Other Herbalists Work To Proper Yourself Forward

Connect with other herbalists who have been where you are now and taken a few steps ahead of your on this journey. Be inspired to take action and keep moving forward. 

Priority Management: Effective Strategies For Herbalists To Get Things Done

You don't have to do everything, you just need to focus on the RIGHT things. The key to this is awareness of your priorities and what is important for you to achieve your goals as an herbalist. 

LIVE Q&A: Ask Your Questions and Get Answers In Real Time! 

There's nothing like being able to ask what's on your mind and getting an individualized response to your specific query. And that's exactly what we're here to help you with! 

Stack Up The Small Wins To Create HUGE Growth Over Time!

One foot after the other, we don't realize how much we are accomplishing day after day. Let's celebrate the wonderful work of herbalists with a waterfall of wins! 

Charting Your Course: Discovering Your Path as an Herbal Business Owner

Make the tough decisions about where YOU are headed as an herbalist and the kind of impact that you want to have on the community that you live in going forward. 

It feels great to find a group that feels like home and actually helps me get things accomplished. I'm so blown away by your support. You are such an amazing inspiration and I couldn't do this without you. Thank you so so so much."

Melissa Casey

"It's just so wonderful to have other people that you can talk to. To be able to sit down with a group of herbalists who get the struggles that you're experiencing... That's that's pretty awesome!"

Bernadette Ann

"This group is exactly what I've been looking for and I am eternally grateful to you for creating it."

Nicole McDaniel-Richards

Meet Yolanda Joy

Creator of the Herbal Entrepreneur Conference

If there's one thing that I'm passionate about, it's connecting herbalists to other people that can help them on their journey.

When it comes to growing a profitable herbal business, building a thriving, engaged community, or hosting successful virtual summits (think zero to 25,000+ attendees at her events), former pharmacist Yolanda Smith has the winning prescription.

Disliking the incentivized sales, commercialism, and linear guidelines of her pharmaceutical training, Yolanda walked away from western medicine to build a holistic online business.

Through the Herbal Entrepreneur Conference, her signature summit, and the Herbal Circle membership group, Yolanda connects herbalists who are building their holistic businesses that bloom.

Australian-born, but now living in Italy, the mother-of-two holds nothing back as she shares with refreshing candor and insight, secrets to building a profitable, engaged and loyal herbal community.

Are you an herbalist ready to build a WILDLY successful herbal business? 

YOU are invited to join us for our FREE 5th Birthday Party Extravaganza this July 21-27.

Don't miss the one-of-a-kind of celebration for herbalists who are set on turning their craft into a sustainable business that they love! 

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