Herbal Entrepreneur Products

No matter what stage of growth your herbal business is currently in, we have resources to help you to move forward on your path as an herbal entrepreneur! 

Here's what we've got for you:

Herbal Entrepreneur Conferences - Annual VIP Pass

Get LIFETIME access to all sessions PLUS incredible bonuses to get a kick start for your business!

  • Lifetime access to session audio files in MP3 format ($397 Value)
  • Lifetime access to  session transcripts in PDF format ($397 Value)
  • Lifetime access to key note summaries in PDF format ($397 Value)
  • Special deals and discounts from our sponsors and more ($500+ Value)

Just $397!

Each VIP Pass is only $397 and will give you LIFETIME Access to all sessions from that year of the conference.

Herbal Business Diagnostic

Get LIFETIME access to a series of questions to work through to help you get clarity on your situation and plan.

  • Phase 1: Getting the Data
  • Phase 2: Further Insights
  • Phase 3: Looking Ahead 
  • Phase 4: Your Action Plan

Just $27!

The GMP Pack

Get LIFETIME access to all trainings, summaries and PDF templates!

  • Master Manufacturing Record (MMR)
  • Batch Production Record (BPR)
  • Supplier Qualification Record template
  • Raw Material Record 
  • Cleaning Procedure 
  • Cleaning Log template
  • Pre/Post Production Checklist
  • Equipment Calibration Log

Just $250!

Pricing Masterclass

We will guide you through the 7 key steps to pricing right.

You'll get LIFETIME access to:

  • Video trainings for the core pricing process
  • Spreadsheets to calculate COGs, labor & overhead
  • Editable templates to create your own records

Just $75!

The Herbal Circle

Private members area and community to ask questions, support others and connect with other herbalists.

  • Share recent wins and whats working
  • Help each other through roadblocks
  • Brainstorm ideas for the future
  • Work through specific content
  • Be inspired by what others are doing

Just $39/month.

Meet The Creator

Hi, I'm Yolanda Joy!

I grew up in Australia and have always had a passion for nature and brewing up various concoctions from the plants and environment around me. My home is now in the mountains in Italy and Iā€™m enjoying discovering the native flora and how I can use it help the people in my community. 

My dream is to create my own thriving herbal practice but I miss the connections and mentors to help me get there.

My mission with this conference is to pull together some of the very BEST herbalists who are already doing what I want to do so that I and other soon-to-be herbalists out there can learn from THEM as we begin our journey to become true herbalists!

... Or get it ALL inside the Herbal Circle!

Some call me crazy... but really I just want people to join our circle because that is where the true action happens šŸ™‚ 

When you join us inside the Herbal Circle, you'll automatically get access to ALL Of the content that has been presented at previous Herbal Entrepreneur Conferences and our additional programs.

It's the perfect place for an herbalist at any stage of business because you have all the content at your fingertips to take action, plus the support to get you where you want to be!